Declutter dreams

Following my mega day of throwing stuff out I had the weirdest dream.

Broadly, I dreamt I was burgled which is not that odd in itself. However, the burglars had been weirdly selective and had actually replaced stuff. They’d also ransacked my neighbour’s house too.

This is likely to be an unwanted peek into my psyche but here’s the odd stuff I remember from the dream…

They’d found my jewellery and had taken my Tiffany ring but left *everything* else. They had also transported the jewellery box into my CD/DVD case. All of the CDs had been taken.

They had moved my gym kit to my bookshelf. They had taken all my books except the ones I have to read.

They had filled my gym bag with a mini hoover.

All of the furniture was in the wrong rooms. So it was really hard to see what had been taken.

The wall between my backyard and my neighbour had been knocked down. When I went to speak to them at the non-existent wall I looked down and I was standing on Granny Smith apples… barefoot…

Declutter detox will be the next thing, once I fathom out what the hell this means….


4 thoughts on “Declutter dreams

  1. Your subconscious is trying to say something to you! That’s for sure, maybe it’s a representation that you can’t remember all things you own. So in reality, they own you. Decluttering helps you remember the few yet significant items you own.


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