Just in (Lost) Case Declutter

Those who know me, know my holiday pre-planning/packing list is legendary.

I don’t write a new one for every holiday, that wastes time. I have one ready, typed up in Word, pre-filled with all your holiday ‘must-haves’. That said, one size doesn’t fit all – there’s not much of a need for a snorkel in Tennessee – so there are amends for every trip.

At least I know that all the essentials are there – of course, all this is a bit of a moot point when your case doesn’t show up.

Arriving in Knoxville

The trip to Knoxville took us from Sunderland to Newcastle, Newcastle to London Heathrow, London to Charlotte (North Carolina), Charlotte to Knoxville (Tennessee).

I said “hi” to my case at Charlotte joking with the baggage handler that I hope it’d make it (our layover was barely 40 minutes). He laughed and assured me it would.

So, after almost 24 hours of traveling, we arrived in Knoxville.

Safe and sound and without my case. Ma and Pa’s cases arrived, but not mine.

It turned out that my bag was stopped for a random TSA check at exactly the time that it should have boarded my flight.

What could I cope without?

After my initial crashing realization that I was without my case, I started to wonder what I would do if it didn’t show up. What could I live without? What would I replace as essentials?


The boots I was wearing weren’t ones that brought me joy – to be honest they were quite old and had been chosen for practicality (ease of removal at security) rather than style. My lovely cowboy boots were in the case.

My dress was okay. I mean I’d happily wear it to a bar or restaurant – not fine dining, but it’d do.

My main worry had been that my jacket was in the case and Knoxville wasn’t meant to be that warm when we arrived. Thankfully I’d had the foresight to extract my jacket at Charlotte!


I knew I’d be able to make do with hotel toiletries – and I’d got a little dental pack on the plane so at least I could clean my teeth! Part of going on holiday for me is taking my good quality cleanser and moisturiser – so I was gutted to be missing my Origin’s Ginger products 😦

Getting my case back and meeting Sandy

Luckily the next flight to Knox was only two hours later so I was reunited with my case fairly quickly.

In the process I met the lovely Sandy at the airport – who put in my claim and arranged for my case to be delivered to my hotel.  She was wondering why we’d come all the way to Knoxville. I explained about the Rhythm n Blooms festival happening downtown.  And she’d never heard of it!

Fast forward a few days to Barley’s Taproom and the final night of the festival – who do we see dancing away to Elliot Brood? Only the lovely Sandy! she came over to say Hi and wish us well!

Lose a case, gain a friend y’all!


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