Pocket-sized plastic bags

Do you ever find yourself picking up some shopping that you hadn’t planned for? Then you have to fork out for a 5 pence plastic bag? One, I may add that lasts as far as the car before collapsing. Or if it does last – you find you add to an ever increasing pile of plastic…

This post covers a great tip brought to you by my Mama J to save you from this situation!

Plastic bags full of plastic bags

Plastic bags are bad. You shouldn’t have hundreds of them cluttering up your house. And if you do have loads lurking about to get rid of, you should do it in a responsible way and recycle them.

When I did my first big declutter I ended up with a bin bag full of plastic bags. I did my duty and recycled the majority of them, keeping just a few as they do come in handy.

5 pence a pop

I wondered if the 5 pence plastic bag tax would encourage people to take alternatives. For me, it is an incentive to take a rucksack or a bag for life out shopping with me. Though to be honest, I did that anyway. Though I am finding that now and then I forget and my bag collection is on the increase again.

Mama J’s pocket-sized plastic bag tip!

I usually pick up a bag when I’m planning to go shopping so I don’t have to pay for one in-store. But, this doesn’t cover me for those times when I haven’t planned. What do I do? Do I try and balance the stuff I bought in arms and risk dropping things or do I just buy a 5 pence bag?

There is another way!

Mama J always has a large, plastic bag for life in her handbag. Always. She keeps it there in a plastic money bag. But guess what? That money bag keeps it wrapped up neat and tidy. It doesn’t unravel and take over her handbag. With something that small you can pop it in your pocket too!

A plastic bag wrapped in a money bag.
A plastic bag wrapped in a money bag – keep it small and simple!

Give it a go

Get your bags for life and fold them up teeny tiny! Wrap them in a money bag and make sure you’ve one in each of the handbags you use.

Of course, if you are a super good minimalist of course, you’ll only have to do this for one bag!

Let me know if you use this tip – Mama J will be happy if you do 🙂



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