Moving Office Clutter

I work in a digital team. You ‘d think we would have nailed the paperless office thing by now.

We’ve moved locations maybe four times – each time I’m proud to say that we get rid of more stuff.

24 crates, 11 people – this doesn’t add up

Our latest move was last week. We moved 11 people and it took 24 crates. There were at least four shared crates and the rest matched up to an individual. I managed with one. It doesn’t take a maths genius to work out that some of my colleagues used more than this!

I threw away loads of paper. I filled at least one recycling bag.

As a team loads of files and stuff from as far back as 2001 was bagged and binned.

Still decluttering

20160321_122628[1] I’m in my new space now – and after a week I’ve thrown out an old make up bag. I shouldn’t have moved it in the first place.

The comb was a freebie for Just Seventeen magazine. I dread to think how long I’ve had that.

The ties that bind

There’s someone in my team who is holding on to some ‘just in case‘ ties.20160314_093437

When questioned,  it’s clear that he has no intention of ever wearing them. They are university-branded for a start. And let us not forget, he’s keeping two.  This is partly because one is in a display box and “it’d be a shame to just throw it out”.

He’s even said he would never ever wear one of them. Why won’t he throw them away???

This reminds me of the Minimalists’ approach to just in case. They invite you to try the 20 dollars/20 minutes rule. The idea is that if you have something that’s could be ‘just in case’,  ask yourself:

“Can I replace this for less than $20 (if I need to) and will it take under 20 minutes to do so?”

The answer for these ties is a resounding YES on both counts.

I’m going to steal them from the desk drawer under cover of darkness – be warned!!

Feeling inspired

It’s almost two years since I started my decluttering journey.

The office move and some recent conversations with friends who also do this (usually because of moving house) have inspired me to do some more.

Like I did back at Easter 2014, I’m going to use Easter 2016 (that’d be this weekend then) to throw out more stuff that I don’t need!

Wish me luck.


I’m not doing another month clear out….

Thought I’d check in as things are starting to light the touch-paper of decluttering again.

The minimalist group for Newcastle has a leader – checkout the Facebook page: Newcastle Minimalists.

I just got a new phone so I backed up and deleted 800 images. Sadly, most were already backed up to OneDrive but I’d just been keeping them on my phone too…. At least they are GONE now. I now have to sort out my OneDrive….

Easter weekend two years ago was the start of my minimalist journey – I might use this Easter to do more!



Day 30: I did it! 465 things have left my house in a month!

The final push:

  • 1 pen holder/desk tidy
  • 1 notelet box
  • 1 pack sequins
  • 1 lip balm
  • 1 camera case
  • 1 hair slide
  • 1 pack of cream
  • 1 window cleaner (a cloth thing not a person)
  • 1 mop
  • 1 pair of folding scissors
  • 1 towel rail
  • 1 CD
  • 1 table cloth
  • I runner
  • 1 garland
  • 1 star lampshade
  • 1 word game
  • 1 bunny pencil sharpener
  • 1 odd earring
  • about 40 badges (I know this ruins things but hey ho)


  • and 2 books about Minimalism 🙂

I still have way too many clothes, shoes and hand bags. They can be tackled next.  My kitchen is the tidiest it has ever been.

My books are accessible as are my CDs and DVDs.

The process – especially the last week – is hard but I recommend anyone give it a go.

At least 465 items have GONE from my house this month 🙂

Thanks guys….



Day 27-29 glasses, glasses everywhere!

I really didn’t think I’d get to this point. And I’ve had to cut myself some slack with being away and just being busy.  But I’m still aiming to complete by midnight tonight.  There’s only 112 things to go….

Day 27 – I got rid of 25 glasses (I was in credit 😉 ) – these were a mix of tumblers, wine glasses and (mainly) beer festival glasses.  Every time you go to a beer festival you get a glass – I’ll not tell you what the percentage of beer festival glasses was :/

Day 28

  • 1 muffin tray
  • 1 diet book
  • 1 piece of wood
  • 1 monkey cocktail decoration
  • 3 wooden spoons
  • 1 pan lid
  • 1 colander (how my kitchen still held stuff to get rid of i’ll never know….)
  • 1 piece of string
  • 1 zip pocket holder
  • 7 plastic bits off clothes horse
  • 1 eyeliner
  • 5 packs of out of date painkillers
  • 1 cD
  • 1 bag of things
  • 2 more glasses ( I decided to be more ruthless)

Day 29

1 jar of random nails and curtain hooks (contained at least 29 things)

Total 82: )

435 down, 30 to go!

Not sure what I’m doing? Check out my post about the Minimalist game.

Days 23 – 26 and I’m still a day behind…

Oh dear.  This just got way harder.

Been away for a bit and lost momentum. Hopefully back on track but I’m not sure I’ll meet today’s deadline of 27…

Anyway, last four days…

  • 11 CDs
  • 1 string of lights
  • 1 set of pearls
  • 2 Christmas snow globes
  • 1 bunny
  • 44 baubles
  • 13 glow in the dark cherubs… (yes, really)
  • 27 Beatles Monthly magazines from the late eighties

Total 100 – needed 99- I’m in credit by 2 things 🙂

353 down, 112 to go!

Not sure what I’m doing? Check out my post about the Minimalist game.

Day 18: distance decluttering from Dublin

20141116_114230Obviously I have pre-empted this declutter day as I bring it to you from a hotel room in Dublin.

My minimalism has not stretched to throwing things out of hotel rooms yet – I’m not sure how well received that would be.  The hotel room is not minimalist, in fact the décor is quite decadent. The lobby has crazy chandeliers and taxidermy… you heard correctly. Taxidermy in santa hats.

But anyway, I digress… today I got rid of:

  • 1 pair socks
  • 1 padlock (I swear they are multiplying)
  • 1 SDHC card
  • 1 toothbrush
  • 2 body buffers
  • 1 CD
  • 1 stylus
  • 4 boxes of out of date tomatoes
  • 6 out of date condiments

171 down, 294 to go!

Not sure what I’m doing? Check out my post about the Minimalist game.