Still Not Conquered the Book Mountain?

It’s been a while since I tackled my book shelves. Those of you with OCD might want to look away now. Hell, even I might want to avert my eyes.

I am ashamed by the state of my books – these are old books, they are meant to be cherished, these are new books, waiting to be read. And look what I did…Read More »


Ridding the World of Rubbish

I could hardly find anything in my purse so I decided to have a little clear out.

I have thrown out this pile of rubbish.

Note the TK Maxx receipt. I have an obsession with that store that goes beyond healthy. It is the reason for a lot of my clutter.

But that receipt, my friends, is a RETURN. A bag I only bought two weeks ago decided to snap its handle. I’m gutted mind you as I really liked it.

I’m on the look out for a replacement *ignores the 15 or so bags already in the wardrobe at home…*.