Day 14: there is no logic anymore but I’m over 100!

I’ve been really struggling the last few days. I feel like I am literally scraping the barrel finding things to get rid of.  But today sees me getting rid of over 100 items this month! Whoo hoo!

Today’s hoard:

  • 2 candles
  • 2 in-soles
  • 1 magazine
  • 3 books about lyricists
  • 1 birthday candle
  • 1 half-used tan enhancer
  • 2 DVDs
  • 1 set of Coles Notes: Canterbury Tales


Diet and health

Even though I haven’t been recording it, the decluttering has extended to making sure I’m not letting food go out of date.  It has meant I’ve eaten rather a lot of tins of soup. All of which due to expire this week. But on  the plus side, I’ve been thinking more about my diet (soup is good really) and have introduced more variety in terms of fruit.

I have also discovered I like porridge. 🙂


While I don’t feel I’m being radically creative through this blog, I am actually writing not just watching TV while drinking wine.  It is also making me scrutinize what I actually record and I’ve made a point of deleting shows that are pretty crap.

Why I can’t delete Under the Dome, I don’t know…

Anyway today, here goes….

105  down, 359 to go!

Not sure what I’m doing? Check out my post about the Minimalist game.


Day 7: Minimalist game – one week in

Wow. One week in already.

A total of 28 items will have left my house by midnight tonight!

Things are going to get harder, I know, but so far, so good.

I’m finding I scrutinise things much more. I’m much more likely to throw out first, worry about it later.

There’s a test coming up. Tomorrow is Saturday. Saturday usually sees me at TK Maxx. I must try and not buy anything. Maybe if I spend my day decluttering and writing I’ll not have time to buy more.

Today I have removed:

  • 1 pair of Carvela boots (going to a vintage shop)
  • 1 phone cover (charity)
  • 1 string of flower lights (charity)
  • 1 photo storage box (charity)
  • 1 pack of coasters (charity)
  • 2 x nail varnish (charity)


28 down, 437 to go!